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Summer 2013
The Awake ENC tour stirs up the eastern North Carolina region for worship and prayer, forging many new relationships between cities and leaders. Shortly after this tour, three Burn furnaces and one house of prayer are formally launched.

November 2013
A few months following the Awake ENC tour, Matthew Lilley and Niko Peele are stirred in prayer about uniting houses of prayer in North Carolina. Shortly after, God highlights Psalm 132, 133, 134 as the strategy to unite “presence pioneers.”

December 2013
IHOP-KC hosts their first Onething Leadership Summit, with hundreds of prayer leaders from around the world. Part of their vision is to see every state in united 24/7 prayer with worship.

March 2014
Michael Thornton publishes his book Fire in the Carolinas, a history of revival in the Carolinas region, igniting prayer groups with fresh passion to pray for the wells of revival to open.

May 3, 2014

The first official Presence Pioneers meeting takes place in a nursery at a church in Raleigh, NC. Leaders dream about uniting for 24/7 prayer across the state. Guest David Bradshaw, from the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace, prays for us and gives us the wisdom to connect leaders both strategically and relationally.

May 15-17,2014
Ignite Triton hosts 50 hours of nonstop worship under a tent in Dunn, NC, a historic well of revival for the Carolinas. It was a catalytic moment, as many presence pioneers came together and God marked us for revival in the context of nonstop worship and spiritual family.

July 2015
Presence Pioneers hosts our first meeting in the western part of North Carolina at a Cardinal Prayer Gathering, finally bringing together leaders from across the state.

February 2017
After a ministry trip to western NC to visit houses of prayer, the 24-7 North Carolina web site is launched.