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In partnership with Burn 24-7, a global worship, prayer and missions movement, we invite you to start a Burn furnace in your city. A Burn furnace is an amazing way to pioneer a place of God’s presence in your city.

What is a Burn Furnace?

Burn “furnaces” host monthly, weekly or sometimes daily sessions of unending worship, prayer and adoration that last anywhere from 12 hours up to 100 hours non-stop. Teams, representing churches across the city, take 2-hour shifts to worship, pray and to contend revival in the church and transformation of cities and nations.

Start a Furnace

To learn more about starting a Burn furnace, check out the Burn 24-7 web site.

Online Field Training

Burn 24-7 offers online field training program for current or prospective leaders of a Burn furnace. Field Training is an 11 month, online course designed to mobilize those who feel called to carry the flame of night and day worship and prayer to their city and to the nations.   The mission of Field Training is to raise up a new breed of revivalist, missionaries and ministers who do life and ministry both for and from the His presence.   Each course was created to provoke you into deeper Intimacy with God,  help you establish a personal revival culture and to give you tools to pioneer ministries that prioritize and flow from a vibrant worship and prayer culture.